Tattoos can be beautiful, well-designed works of art when done correctly. Unfortunately, for every Da Vinci, there are a dozen or more doodlers out there calling themselves “tattoo artists.” These individuals have inspired a new kind of art, the art of tattoo removal, creating an impression of less permanence to the tattoo industry. Laser tattoo removal is the only method proven to work, and is sought after for a multitude of reasons. The top five being:

Tattoo Regret

Tattoo regret is a complex emotion. It can occur instantly after the first peek at your fresh ink, or years down the road when that tribal tattoo finally loses its appeal.  The foundation of this regret can come from any number of things, such as design, placement, ink quality, and an artist’s overall work. However, the most common reason for tattoo regret, leading the most individuals to begin their research on laser tattoo removal, is a tattoo of an ex’s name.

Fading Ink

You’ve been told your entire life that tattoos are permanent, but the one thing that is never mentioned is that their quality most certainly is not. Over time tattoos begin to fade and lose their color, either from the sun or aging skin, and a touch-up every five years or so is often required to keep your ink looking fresh. This can be pretty costly over time and a bit high maintenance for some, which is why fading tattoos often leads to consideration for laser tattoo removal.

Getting a Cover-Up

Not all tattoos can be considered for cover-up work, and often tattoo artists will recommend having a few laser treatments to lighten the ink first. Having a tattoo fully removed takes time, so if you’re debating whether a cover-up or complete removal is right for you, it’s safe to say starting with a few laser sessions is your best option. It’ll get things started and benefit either decision you make.

Your Career

Even though it’s 2016 and we all know that a person’s ink choice doesn’t always reflect the person, many careers still won’t consider a candidate with visible tattoos. This can include everything from military and police officers, to flight attendants and even certain careers in the hospitality industry.  When you’re young, it’s impossible to know where your career is headed and as a teenager you may have run off to the nearest tattoo parlor the moment you turned eighteen. It’s likely that very little thought was put into the consequences of your tattoo placement.

You’re Getting Married

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you may find that next to that fancy tux or vintage white gown, your tattoos just don’t seem appropriate. They simply might not reflect who you strive to be anymore. Marriage is a big step in life where people are committing to important life changes. Often, at this time, they begin to view themselves as impending role models for their children and view their image differently. You may find yourself committing to several big changes at this time, such as exercising, eating healthy and, of course, laser tattoo removal.

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