Tattoo removal is never a scenario we imagine when we get inked for the first time or add to our body art. However, it is sadly a fact of life for many in the Fort Collins area who have unfortunate tattoos. These people have to visit a tattoo removal service in Fort Collins like Tat2Undo that will actually work. Today, most of these procedures are done with lasers, which are extremely effective, but still hurt and leaves you feeling naked without your precious skin ink. Consider your tattoo designs and placements carefully and don’t get one that you’ll later regret. Here are three tattoos that almost everyone regrets at some point later in life:

Here are three tattoos that almost everyone regrets at some point later in life:

  • The “Mom” tattoo. For some reason, some people love to get the letters “M-O-M” tattooed in huge font somewhere on their body. Then they wake up one morning and realize that, yes, they have a mother, just like literally everyone else in the world, and yes, while it is nice to honor your mother for giving birth to you, there are much more constructive ways to do this. Buy her some flowers. Give her a call. Take her out for coffee. There are probably a million better things you can do for her with your time and money than getting three letters tattooed on your chest.
  • The “significant other” tattoo. Much like the “mom” tattoo, this is one tattoo that people regret. However, unlike your mom, a boyfriend or girlfriend is much less permanent. The bottom line, you’ll probably be calling a laser tattoo removal company if you get this type of tattoo.
  • The drunken, late-night tattoo. This is a classic at Tat2Undo in Fort Collins. Someone loses all inhibition, eats a burrito or two, and, at the cajoling of their  friends who all insist that they won’t be able to even feel the ink being injected into their skin, gets an incredibly ugly or ill-advised tattoo. While most reputable tattoo professionals will not tattoo someone who is in a drunken stupor, that’s not to say there aren’t establishments that “break the rules.” Never make permanent etchings in your skin while inebriated. They are almost completely without exception one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make.
  • The neck tattoo. Neck tattoos should be the last piece of an elaborate design covering your whole body. They work for people who already have invested the time and money into inking their body in other places and not for your average tattoo collector. In addition, to be extremely visible and eye-catching, removing and receiving neck tattoos can be extremely painful, so if you get inked on your neck, consider it very carefully.

If you’ve made some of the mistakes listed above or been the victim of an unfortunate tattoo parlor mishap, visit Tat2Undo in Fort Collins to restore your skin to its former beauty. Avoid making body-altering decisions when inebriated, and remember that your mother probably doesn’t like your “Mom” tattoo and you probably won’t have to deal with lasers on your skin.