Tattoo removal cream is a method which can be both costly and hazardous to the health of an individual. This is because it contains chemicals such as Koji acid, Tca and Alpha Arbutin which burns, can cause scarring and irritates the skin. The main aim of these chemicals is to dissolve the tattoos from the skin. Apart from the limitations highlighted, tattoo removal cream doesn’t work. In fact, they may fade a tattoo, but wouldn’t remove it completely.

Reasons why tattoo removal cream doesn’t work

When the skin is tattooed, the tattoo ink is stored in the secondary layer (dermis) of the skin. As a result, tattoo removal creams such as Tat B Gone, Fade-away and wrecking balm will not be effective in removing the tattoo ink from the dermis. Hence, the cream will simply not work since it cannot target this area of the skin.

The fading of the tattoo is because the cream will only reach the top layer (epidermis) of the skin.

Proof that tattoo removal cream doesn’t work 

According to a doctor from Mayo clinic, the professional states that the creams don’t work. Moreover, NBC affiliate, WMBF News has a story to tell about tattoo removal cream. They have found out that it doesn’t work. If you get accessed to Amazon. Com, you will realize that there are more than two negative stars indicating the ratings of the product. Therefore, you need to worry about any positive review.

Tattoo removal options

As mentioned above, you can waste both your money and time by using tattoo removal cream. Fortunately, there are other alternatives which can provide you with safe tattoo removal. This comprises of: R20 Method, small tattoo excision, PicoSure and laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

Dermbids is a company which provides laser tattoo removal from medical spas to local doctors by just taking a picture of the tattoo. The firm compares doctors based on experience. Nevertheless, they provide laser quality which is cost effective. Therefore, you need to make wise decision by choosing the company for the laser removal service. If you’re looking for tattoo removal in Fort Collins or you’re in the Northern Colorado area, we’d suggest skipping this step and coming right to Tat2Undo.


Even tough tattoo removal creams have a tone of publicity, it doesn’t work. Thus, there is need for a great and very easy way of removing the tattoo without harming an individual. By using the alternative methods mentioned, it will be very effective and the tattoos will be removed completely from your skin. Don’t use the tattoo removal cream because it doesn’t work as well as causing skin irritation among other effects which are harmful.