photo credit: gato-gato-gato via photopin cc

Sad as it is, people are often judged based on first appearances.  That’s why considering tattoo placement before you get inked is so important. If your job requires a button up shirt or slacks, they probably have a dress code policy that includes covering up tattoos and piercings.

Unless you’re absolutely certain you will never need to cover up your tattoo for personal or professional reasons, it’s best to avoid highly conspicuous places. The neck forearms, hands, and face are all tattoo placement s that will attract the a considerable amount of attention.

If you’re reading this you may not have considered the placement of your tattoo before you’d said, “hell yeah, let’s do this.” My guess is you’re reading this because the “oh, yeah” is now becoming an “oh, no.” If you’re interested in getting a poorly placed tattoo removed, we’d love to hear from you. We believe that knowledge is power and you should make an educated decision on what kinds of tattoo removal options are available in the Northern Colorado area.