When you are at the grocery store, do you even chose an apple or banana then return it to the pile because it has a blemish on it.  Now you know that just because it has a blemish on it doesn’t mean the fruit is bad, and yet we return it nonetheless.  Are you worried that some ink is risking your personal and financial success because others may see your blemish and decide to send you back to the pile?  If you are regretting a small or large tattoo, Tat 2 Undo is here to help you.  Our outstanding staff can help you clear up that patch of skin and prevent it from impeding your future.  Our treatment rooms are clean, well lit and sterile.  Our staff members are highly qualified technicians trained to not only treat the ink, but make sure you are well cared for and comfortable and well informed about what the procedures are and how it works. We are your leading specialist for Tattoo Removal in Fort Collins!