Laser Tattoo Removal in Fort Collins

Are you considering laser tattoo removal. Perhaps you have a permanent reminder of that crazy spring break in Cabo? Not to worry. Having your body ink removed can be done using the laser tattoo removal. You will find this process to be the best and most effective method available.

How Many Treatments Should I expect?

Typically, it takes between seven and eight weeks to complete the treatment. Of course, this depends on how dark and large your tattoo is. The bigger the tattoo, the more difficult it can be to remove. In most cases, this is a gradual process that requires you to come back multiple times. However, it’s possible for some to see immediate results.

If you’re worried about scarring, it’s pretty rare when Q-switched lasers are used. Also, those who have thick skin will less likely have scars after laser tattoo removal.


photo credit: re_ via photopin cc