If you’ve been visiting our Tat 2 Undo website for a while, then you know we focus

on doing one thing and doing it well—removing unwanted tattoos, those “It was so

cool at the time, but now I regret it” tattoos that bring clients through our Ft. Collins

studio doors.

Clients come to us with questions too. For example, does it matter what colors were

used to create this piece of art-turned-major regret? Is after care really that

important in the healing process once my tattoo is removed? Is laser removal the

best way to remove a tattoo?

In other words, does tattoo removal really work?

The answer to these questions is “yes” if you know what factors determine the

safest, most effective results. They include a client’s overall health, colors used when

inking the tattoo, attention paid to after care in the healing process, and whether Tat

2 Undo’s state-of-the-art laser is used in tattoo removal.

Good Health is Important

No, you don’t have to be a health nut like many Ft. Collins fitness buffs, but you do

want to be in good health when you come to Tat 2 Undo. If you are feeling under the

weather, it is best to wait until you feel your best, and stay feeling your best until

your tattoo is totally removed, which can take up to several visits.

Color Matters

Although darker colors (and some lighter colors) have been most difficult to remove

in the past, Tat 2 Undo’s Q-switched laser technology is able to remove all colors

effectively, and permanently. Every tattoo is different, so again, it may take several

visits, although some of our clients see immediate results.

After Care Makes a Difference in Healing

All of our Tat 2 Undo clients receive after-care instructions that need to be followed

to ensure a successful and speedy recovery following laser tattoo removal. Once the

site has healed properly due to your diligent follow-up care, you are then free to get

the tattoo you really want—or not.