Sometimes our choices are straight forward and done without blinking; like finding a good deal on a television or computer.  We weight the value of the purchase versus the actual cost and if it looks good on paper, we make our move.  But sometimes, we leap forward, make a decision like we are purchasing a TV or computer when the truth is the purchase has far lasting implications and effects that we can’t properly weight vs. the cost.  You can’t just return a tattoo if you don’t like it or it no longer suits your needs, or. . .can you? If you bought ink that you now regret, Tat 2 Undo can help you “return” that purchase.  With the most advanced laser removal system available, we can clear away a tattoo of any color.  Stop by to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members today to see how we can help you lose that unwanted ink.