t2u infographic correctedTattoo removal is a booming industry across the country. No matter if the tattoo is a memento of a former boyfriend or girlfriend, crazy night, or previous lifestyle, there are a variety of ways and places to get your tattoo removed. With the explosive growth of tattoo removal has come more advanced and safer removal options. Here are five things you need to know before getting a tattoo removed.

  1. Laser tattoo removal is better than tattoo removal cream. There are lots of options of how to get the tattoo removed, but the best option is definitely laser removal. Creams aren’t nearly as effective in breaking down the ink properties and permanently removing the tattoo, and they are more likely to cause skin damage.
  2. Laser tattoo removal is the safest option. Tattoo removal creams are a cheap and enticing alternative, but each cream comes with the same high dosage. Comparatively, a laser tattoo removal specialist will tailor your treatment plan to best remove your tattoo based on size, age, and location. The FDA warns against tattoo removal creams because they could cause skin conditions such as burning, scarring, and rashes.
  3. Laser tattoo removal isn’t recommended for people with scarring problems. There is a slight chance that laser tattoo removal could leave a scar, especially if the tattoo is in an area with tender or sensitive skin. For this reason, people who scar more easily are not recommended to use laser tattoo removal.
  4. Laser treatment permanently and effectively removes all tattoos. Most laser tattoo removal services include multiple sessions. Each time, a laser is used to break down the pigments in the ink, which then gradually leave the body. Laser technology is safe and is one of the only ways to permanently remove a tattoo.
  5. Your care after treatment makes a difference in healing. Laser treatments can be painful, though most people say it isn’t as painful as getting a tattoo. To help ease the pain and speed up the removal process, your tattoo removal specialist will give instructions of what to do between laser treatments. In most cases, at-home care involves putting an ice pack on the area soon after laser treatment and regularly applying a topical ointment before the next appointment. Properly following the instructions can help the tattoo fade more quickly and evenly and can create a much more pleasant removal experience.

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t2u infographic corrected