It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but if you regret getting your tattoo and you’re ready to finally have that constant reminder of your ex removed, let us know.

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Tattoo Removal in Fort Collins

Everyone has moments they later regret or actions they look back and question as they mature and experience lifestyle changes: bad haircuts, unfortunate romantic partners, or an ill-advised career move. But for some people, the questionable decision is relived every day with permanent, visible proof. That’s where tattoo removal comes in. We understand that circumstances change and life moves on, but tattoos stay the same, and sometimes you just need that to change. Denver was recently rated the fifth most tattooed city in the country, and that influence has definitely moved north to Fort Collins. With so many tattoo parlors in the area, it makes sense that people also want to get their tattoos removed. Trust us, you’re not alone. No matter if you are applying for a new job, getting ready to wear a wedding dress, or just recovering from one drunken night, we can remove your tattoo in a safe and comfortable environment. So what sets us apart in this tattoo-heavy state? For one thing, we’re one of the only places in Northern Colorado that can safely treat all colors of ink. We can take care of all kinds of tattoos to leave your skin looking its best. At Tat2Undo, we’ll do our best to turn those strange choices of yesteryear into things that are permanently in the past.
Laser tattoo removal is a fairly straightforward process—a specialist uses a small laser wand to deliver short bursts of energy and light that break up the tattoo’s ink. The image slowly fades and is removed as your body pushes the ink’s pigments away. Don’t worry, the ink doesn’t even leak through the skin or cause you to bleed. You’ll probably find that the tattoo fades during the treatment and then more slowly as time moves on between appointments. We use only the best, cleanest, and most advanced laser equipment to give you great results—fast. There’s no magic number of treatments until your tattoo is totally gone, but we can provide a good prediction once we see your skin, health history, and your tattoo’s ink, location, and size. We won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, but most of our patients say the pain is the same or a little less than actually getting a tattoo, but the procedure takes a fraction of the time, which makes it much more tolerable. There are additional treatments, such as a topical anesthetic or skin-cooling device, that can make the pain even more manageable. Just because you made a choice in the past doesn’t mean you have to stick with it forever. Most on from the past with quality tattoo removal right in your backyard.
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